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Gossip Folks: Interview with Michelle Vaughn, Professional Dancer & Choreographer

Brittany and Mhkeeba interview Michelle Vaughn, one of the hottest choreographers for several NBA dance teams and NFL cheerleading squads! The ladies learn all about her background as a professional dancer in Los Angeles performing with exciting artists like Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida, and her perspective on changes in the pro dance industry from influence of social media. Michelle also shares how she balances her career as a master teacher at pro dance training programs and dance conventions all over the U.S. and internationally at the pro, college and high school level! During this week's Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany discuss the trend of branded video content on the various social media sites of pro cheerleading teams and wonder if this concern with re-branding the team image is getting a little bit overplayed. The ladies also discuss economic justice and pay equity for female athletes in sports as it pertains to professional dancers and cheerleaders. The ladies have fun getting to know Michelle with the Drop It Like It's Hot segment!

Morris Brown: Interview with Deanna Hazeley, Former Howard University Ooh La La Dancer & Cincinnati Ben Gal

Mhkeeba's wish finally came true to interview a pro cheerleader from a historically Black college or university who danced with the marching band! The ladies interview Deanna Hazeley, a former Ooh La La Dancer for the Showtime Marching Band of Howard University, former Pro Bowl Cheerleader for the Cincinnati Ben Gals and now Team Development Coach for the Ben-Gals. Deanna shares everything about her experience as an Ooh La La Dancer, from auditions to halftime performances and the amazing bond she continues to hold with her teammates. Brittany and Mhkeeba follow her journey to become an NFL cheerleader with the Ben Gals and learn how she continues to fill a leadership role with the team as one of the squad coaches. This week's Cheer Chat is about the ladies' weekend in Yakima, Washington leading a youth cheerleading clinic, the NFL Crucial Catch games in October and the start of NBA preseason games. Deanna shares a couple Locker Talk stories from her Pro Bowl experience and performance overseas for the military.

Change Clothes: Interview with Laurel Cancilla, Owner of The Stretch and Sparkle Store

Meet the amazing woman behind all of the glitzy and glamorous uniforms for the Seattle Sea Gals and Seahawks Dancers, Laurel Cancilla! Brittany and Mhkeeba interview Laurel to learn about her long tenure designing and creating the most beautiful handmade uniforms and audition attire. The ladies also get her perspective on some of the newer fashion trends in pro cheerleading uniforms. Laurel shares a shocking Locker Talk story that the ladies would have never guessed in a million years! During Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany discuss the announcement of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performing in the Super Bowl halftime show in Miami and the Arizona Sidewinders earning Best Dance Team Award by the Indoor Football League. In not so good news, the ladies discuss the decision by the professional club basketball team in German, Alba Berlin, to eliminate their pro cheerleading team, the Alba Dancers, with the explanation that the all female squad “is no longer appropriate to our time.” Mhkeeba and Brittany share their thoughts on how the trends they have been seeing in the U.S. to eliminate all female pro cheerleading and dance teams is making its way across the globe.

She's Got Legs: Interview with Jacie Scott, Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader & Radio City Rockettes Dancer

Mhkeeba and Brittany interview the amazingly talented and multi-faceted Jacie Scott, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and Radio City Rockettes Dancer, writer, and founder of her very own foundation, Declare Hope! Listen in as Jacie shares her extensive dance background that took her from the Dallas Cowboys sidelines to the world famous stage of the New York Radio City Music Hall. Jacie inspires the ladies with her positive perspective and fearless decisions to pursue all of her passions instead of feeling forced to choose just one. During this week's Cheer Chat, Brittany and Mhkeeba give an update on the status of the newly formed coed NBA dance teams. Jacie gives the ladies a funny Locker Talk story of a show group solo performance gone wrong.

Bounce Back: Interview with Derric Whitfield, Sr. Director of Dance Teams for Washington Wizards

In this week's episode, Brittany and Mhkeeba interview the infamous Derric Whitfield, Sr. Director of Dance Teams for the Washington Wizards! Both ladies learned and performed his killer routines that he taught at the two biggest dance conventions in pro cheerleading and have been huge fans ever since. Listen in to hear all about his background as a college and pro dancer, pro cheerleading industry choreographer, and highly respected leader of all of the entertainment teams for the Washington Wizards. Derric ends the interview with Drop It Like It's Hot so everyone can get the chance to get to know him better! During Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany discuss an article from The Dallas Morning News by Sharon Grigsby attacking the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders as outdated and overly sexualized along with the ultimate clap back article from Paige Skinner in the Dallas Observer pointing out its absurdity.

Game Time: The Game Day Experience

Join Mhkeeba and Brittany as they experiment recording Cheer Chat using Instagram Live to give listeners an inside look at how they record the Pro Cheerleading Podcast! During Cheer Chat the ladies discuss some new uniforms that debuted during Week 1 of the NFL regular season for a few teams that are changing the look of the traditional glamorous NFL uniforms. They also discuss some developments in a lawsuit brought by a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders against the team that resulted in a significant raise for the cheerleaders and a few inspirational stories that celebrate women on and off the playing field. In this week's episode, Brittany and Mhkeeba walk you through the entire game day experience while reminiscing on some of their most memorable moments on the sidelines. They wrap up the episode with Locker Talk about a little post-game mischief from lingering in the locker room too long after the game!

Right Back: Catching Up On Pro Cheerleading Updates

Jump right back into pro cheerleading with the launch of Season 4!! Join Mhkeeba and Brittany as they catch up on everything that has happened over the last half of the summer. During Cheer Chat, the ladies discuss their recent radio appearance on the Mike Check Show on KSER 90.7 FM and youth dance clinic in Yakima, WA. They also cover the NFL's 100th season kickoff and partnership with Jay-Z and the Good Morning America controversy surrounding males in dance with the #BoysDanceToo movement, During this episode, Brittany and Mhkeeba discuss the trend of disbanding female dance teams that has moved to the NHL with the Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals removing their Lightning Girls and Spirit Squad to replace them with coed fan interactive teams. The ladies also provide an update on NBA auditions and the NFL preseason game performances, including the new Seahawks Dancers! They end the episode with an exciting preview of upcoming interviews and episodes for Season 4!

I Can't Live Without My Radio: Pro Cheerleading Podcast on The Mike Check Show

Brittany and Mhkeeba had their very first appearance on The Mike Check Show on KSER 90.7 FM radio starring Mike Check and Trey on Sunday, August 25th. The Mike Check Show is an R&B variety show based in Everett, Washington that blends a combination of hot topics, music news and relationship issues while playing music from yesterday to tomorrow. The ladies join Co-Host Trey to talk about the Pro Cheerleading Podcast and the variety of topics and issues the podcast has covered in the pro cheerleading industry. Tune in to listen to the ladies interview!

Phresh Out The Runway: Fashion Review of NFL Cheerleading Uniforms

Season 3 comes to an end with the best episode to wrap things up!! Listen in as the Pedestrians crew - Mhkeeba, Brittany, Lindsay, Gelly and Jalanda - come together over brunch and mimosas to give their fashion review of all 26 NFL team cheerleading team uniforms! Follow along with the deck of various pictures of each team's uniforms as they discuss all the stylish trends, new and iconic classic uniforms and themed costumes for Cancer Awareness, Military Appreciation and holiday games. The ladies reminisce on their various Seattle Sea Gals uniforms and share their top faves. During Cheer Chat Brittany and Mhkeeba share their final recap of Season 3 and a list of things to keep an eye out for during the break until Season 4 launches on September 4th!

Mean Gurl: How To Deal With Mean Girls On The Squad

Brittany and Mhkeeba take on the difficult, but very real, topic of mean girls on pro cheerleading teams. The ladies know all too well that it's not always peaches and cream in terms of squad dynamics. They explore what defines mean girl behavior and how it shows up in the pro cheerleading world based on their own experiences and those of their listeners who wrote in questions and topics for the episode. The ladies discuss why mean girls even exist in the first place and conclude with some sound advice for dancers, squad leaders and even directors on how to deal with mean girls on the squad. This week's Cheer Chat includes the latest update on NBA auditions and discuss a cool appearance by the Jacksonville Jaguars Roar cheerleaders performing with Sonny Kiss, a pro wrestler from All Elite Wrestling. Survey results have been steadily pouring in so Mhkeeba and Brittany share some of the highlights from the feedback from their listeners. During Locker Talk, the ladies bravely share their own mean girl confessions and give advice on how everyone can strive to do better to eliminate mean girl behavior in their lives.

Like A Boy: Interview with Lisa Zaragoza, Coach of Portland Trail Blazers Rip City Crew All Male Dance Team

Brittany and Mhkeeba interview Lisa Zaragoza, the Coach of the all male Rip City Crew for the Portland Trail Blazers and get the inside scoop on what it's like working with professional male dancers. Lisa shares her dance background and how she became one of the hottest choreographers for NBA, college and high school teams. The ladies learn about her experience as a BlazerDancer for the Portland Trail Blazers for five seasons and a member of the 2014 NBA All-Star Dance Team. Lisa explains how she balances it all and also finds time to be the Coach of her alma mater, Oregon Cheer! During Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany give an update on NBA auditions and squad selections. They also discuss the number of NBA teams that have formed all male hip hop crews. The ladies get to know Lisa better during Drop It Like It's Hot!

The Climb: The Journey of Rookie Year

Alright, you made it through auditions and became a pro cheerleader, now what?!? Join Brittany and Mhkeeba as they discuss the journey of rookie year that often times can be very difficult to navigate. The ladies begin with the typical squad business that happens when you first make the team - photo shoots, long practices to learn dance routines, boot camp, and promo appearances. They also discuss the biggest mistakes and lessons learned from their rookie year on the squad. Cheer Chat includes an NBA auditions update and discussion of some NFL cheerleading teams bio photo shoots, calendar magazines and squad mini camp. During this week's Locker Talk, Mhkeeba and Brittany share some scoop on mistakes they made rookie year.

I Wanna Be Your Lover: Love & Relationships as a Pro Cheerleader

Between managing a full-time job, school, time with friends and family, dance practices and games, when is there time for love?? Mhkeeba and Brittany invite their BFF of the show, Lindsay Rosenberg, to return for a deep dive into love and relationships. The ladies cover everything from insecurity, jealousy, first dates, marriage and your most important relationship - the one you have with yourself. Listen closely as the ladies share the truth behind the poms and discuss how difficult it can be to manage relationships while pursuing the dream of becoming a pro cheerleader. Cheer Chat includes a very important update and last call to action to elevate the voices of pro dancers about what is happening to female dance teams in the NBA. The ladies also discuss the P-R-O and Pro Action Dance professional dance conventions held every summer in Atlanta and Las Vegas. Lindsay turned the tables on Brittany and Mhkeeba for Drop It Like It's Hot to get to know them better!

Doctor Doctor: Interview with Dr. Brittany Krake, Former NBA Dancer & Naturopathic Doctor

This episode is full of good news for female athletes and dancers about ways to care for their bodies and feel more empowered about their overall health!! Brittany and Mhkeeba interview Dr. Brittany Krake, a Naturopathic Doctor and former NBA Dancer for the Portland BlazersDancers. Learn about how Dr. Krake completed medical school while dancing in the NBA and built her naturopathic medical practice to empower people to make informed decisions about their own health. Dr. Krake's background as a professional dancer gives her a unique understanding of the specific health risks and physical demands placed on pro cheerleaders and dancers. During Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany discuss their self-care regimens (or lack thereof) during their time cheering in the NFL. They also discuss the Philadelphia Sixers' decision to change the Sixers Dancers female dance team to a coed hip hop dance team. The ladies also recap Mhkeeba's appearance on the Open Mike morning sports radio show hosted by Mike Bianchi from the Orlando Sentinel in response to his blog post about the Orlando Magic Dancers, Dr. Krake shares the funniest story involving hair extensions for this week's Locker Talk and plays along for Drop It Like It's Hot!

Work: Being a Pro Cheerleader in the Workplace

Escape the mid-week slump and tune in to Mhkeeba and Brittany as they discuss how they balanced their lives as pro cheerleaders with their careers - from the white lies they told to escape work to participate in promo appearances to not being taken seriously in their 9 to 5 roles. Whether balancing a few part-time jobs or tackling the corporate world, all pro cheerleaders and dancers need to have solid income to support their dreams of dancing. This episode explores how pro cheerleaders tackle difficult workplace issues such as sexual harassment and issues with difficult managers. Cheer Chat is a very unfortunate announcement of yet another team removing their female dance team to be replaced with a coed hip hop crew - the Orlando Magic. The day before this episode launched the Philadelphia Sixers also announced the elimination of the all female Sixers Dancers to be replaced by a coed hip hop team, which brings the grand total to six NBA teams including the San Antonio Spurs! During Locker Talk the ladies reminisce on some of the craziest things they have had to do at work in order to arrive at dance practice, a game or an appearance all glammed up!

Click Flash: An Interview with Lindsay Rosenberg, NBA and NFL Photographer

Listen in as Brittany and Mhkeeba interview Lindsay Rosenberg about her illustrious career as a former NBA Dancer that led to so many wonderful opportunities. Don't let Lindsay's title fool you as she has worn so many exceptionally cool hats in the pro cheerleading industry. She shares her unique approach to photographing dancers in the NBA and NFL, the importance of head shots, and advice she gives when shooting with her clients. Lindsay gives the absolute coolest Locker Talk story about a Pro Bowl halftime show performance by Rachel Platten.

There's Nothing Holding Me Back: Interview with Simmone Miller, Founder & Owner of Simma Wear

The NFL cheerleader auditions have wrapped up for the year, but the NBA dance auditions are just around the corner. Join Mhkeeba and Brittany as they interview Simmone Miller, the founder and owner of Simma Wear - an all-inclusive audition prep company providing all the needs for aspiring pro dancers, Learn about Simmone's background and the philosophy behind her amazing program. During Cheer Chat, Brittany and Mhkeeba cover the Cleveland Cavaliers who have joined the embarrassing list of NBA teams that removed their all-female dance teams. The ladies wrap up Cheer Chat with a very important call to action to all of the Pro Cheerleading Podcast listeners to spread the awareness of the injustice of the removal of these NBA dance teams by participating in a social media blitz sharing their Open Letter to NBA Teams On Behalf of Pro Dancers. #KeepProDancers The ladies end the episode with Simmone's Locker Talk of a stalker situation while she danced with the Golden State Warriors and a Drop it Like it's Hot session with Mhkeeba in the hot seat!

BONUS Episode: Fighter - Protesting the Elimination of NBA Dance Teams

In this very important bonus episode, Brittany and Mhkeeba share the disturbing news of the Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks terminating their pro dance teams in exchange for a hip-hop focused co-ed dance and entertainment crew. The ladies host four women from the Sacramento Kings Dancers - Ariana Hirschfield, Daphnie Coon, Kellie Jackson, and Mariah Palmiter - to share their stories of how this decision was poorly communicated to them and how it has impacted their lives. More importantly, the ladies discuss the overall negative message these teams are sending to the youth and aspiring pro dancers that their profession is not respected and that their voices do not matter. With this interview, Mhkeeba and Brittany want to ensure that their voices are heard loud and clear!

Clique: Introducing the 2019-2020 NFL Cheerleaders

Season 3 launches with Mhkeeba and Brittany introducing the 2019-2020 cheerleaders who made it through the grueling and extensive auditions process for all 26 NFL teams. They discuss the hottest trends in the auditions process, from teams selecting more male NFL cheerleaders to adding stunting teams to the roster and everything in between to get down to the ladies and gentlemen that made the clique! During Cheer Chat, the ladies share feedback from listeners of what topics they want to hear more about for Season 3. Instead of Locker Talk, Brittany and Mhkeeba shake things up and introduce a new segment, Drop It Like It's Hot, which is a fun lightning round of questions to get to know the ladies and their guests. Brittany is up first in the hot seat!

BONUS Episode: Welcome to DC - Pro Cheerleaders of Washington, DC

In this bonus episode, Brittany and Mhkeeba recap their recent trip to experience the pro cheerleading scene in Washington, DC! Listen in as the ladies describe the game day entertainment for the Washington Wizards, including dance performances by the Wizards Dancers and the Washington Wizdom Dancers - the new senior dance team of dancers over the age of 50! Mhkeeba and Brittany also relive the thrilling Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Final Auditions Showcase and share the exciting news of some Pro Cheerleading Podcast listeners making the squad!

I'm Every Woman - Part 2: Interview with Tecoya Harris, Black Girls Cheer

In Part 2, Brittany and Mhkeeba finish up the Season Finale interviewing Tecoya Harris, the curator of the Black Girls Cheer Instagram page, and continuing the discussion of diversity and inclusion in pro cheerleading. Tecoya discusses her pro cheerleading background as a Pro Bowl Cheerleader with the Washington Redskins and shares her vision in launching Black Girls Cheer. The ladies discuss the importance of celebrating diversity and hope that minorities in pro cheerleading feel acknowledged, appreciated, and inspired to continue being examples for others to follow. Brittany and Mhkeeba conclude with a Locker Talk story of Brittany's appearance in a cultural parade. The ladies sign off until the Season 3 launch on May 15, 2019!

I'm Every Woman - Part 1: Diversity in Pro Cheerleading

Mhkeeba and Brittany do not disappoint in the Season 2 Finale by taking on the difficult topic of diversity and inclusion in pro cheerleading. The ladies share the results of their inaugural diversity survey of the pro cheerleading teams in the NFL and NBA and share ways that teams can improve their diversity. They also dig deeper into the meaning of inclusion when you are a member of a pro cheerleading team and how teams can better embrace and promote diversity. Cheer Chat is an update on the recent NFL auditions for the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Be sure to listen to Part 2 of the Season 2 Finale for the exclusive interview of the curator of the Black Girls Cheer Instagram page to continue the discussion of diversity and inclusion in pro cheerleading.

Feel This Moment: Interview with Jenny Valdes, Former Miami Heat Dancer

Brittany and Mhkeeba share a highly motivating conversation with Jenny Valdes, a former Miami Heat Dancer! Jenny discusses her dance background with the Miami Heat dating back to childhood and how she expanded her dance career to performing in music videos and touring with artists such as Pitbull, Prince Royce and Yandel. Her most impressive accomplishment was starting her own motivational brand, Limitless Legends, which encourages people to live limitless to reach their full potential through positivity and belief in oneself by motivating one another and creating your legacy. During Cheer Chat the ladies provide an update on NFL cheerleading auditions. Jenny shares her Locker Talk story of dancing on live television.

BO$$: Interview with Michelle Burch, Performance Teams Manager for Portland Trail Blazers

Mhkeeba and Brittany interview a highly respected and true boss lady, Michelle Burch, the Performance Teams Manager for the Portland Trail Blazers! Michelle is a former Blazer Dancer and shares her career path to leading the various teams that perform at Blazers games. She also discusses the most challenging and rewarding parts of her role from judging auditions to helping her squad be the best performers they can be. During Cheer Chat the ladies discuss the responses they have received from listeners to the diversity survey and the upcoming NHL team coming to Seattle that plan to have a dance team. Michelle reveals her own Locker Talk story of her opening debut performance as a Blazer Dancer!

Try Again: Chasing the Dream to Become a Pro Cheerleader

It is officially audition season for NFL cheerleaders! Join Mhkeeba and Brittany for an in-depth discussion about their experiences auditioning to become an NFL cheerleader. They walk through the NFL auditions process from beginning to end and offer tips and tricks for hopefuls fighting for their spot on an NFL cheerleading squad. During Cheer Chat the ladies invite current NFL cheerleaders and NBA dancers to participate in their groundbreaking survey to capture the state of diversity in pro cheerleading. They also discuss their upcoming trip to Washington DC in April to watch the final audition showcase for the Washington Redskins and attend a Wizards game. Brittany and Mhkeeba launched a Patreon site to help fund their adventures exploring and promoting pro cheerleaders and invite their listeners to donate. Locker Talk is a hilarious confession about all the mistakes, wardrobe malfunctions and PTSD from their many audition experiences!

Ice Ice Baby: Portland Rosebuds Pro Dance Team

Mhkeeba and Brittany, along with Lindsey and Jalanda from the Pedestrians crew, head down to Portland, Oregon to watch the Rosebuds dance on ice at the Winterhawks hockey game! The ladies interview Leisel Guy, a former Sea Gal and Blazers dancer and current member of the Rosebuds Dance Team. Leisel reveals the magic dancing shoes that allow them to execute technical dance moves on the ice! During Cheer Chat Brittany and Mhkeeba discuss how other ice girls and dance teams perform at hockey games. Leisel shares her own Locker Talk stories about the crazy underground world of working as a professional dancer on a cruise ship!

Supersonic: Interview with Patrisha Yabes - Former NBA All Star Dancer & NFL Charger Girl

NBA All Star Weekend 2019 is here! Mhkeeba and Brittany interview Patrisha Yabes, a former NBA All Star Dancer, about her experience being selected to represent the Golden State Warriors and perform at the 2016 NBA All Star Weekend in Toronto. Patrisha also talks about her trips to China to perform and teach NBA style choreography to pro cheerleaders. Having just finished her first season in the NFL as a Los Angeles Charger Girl, Patrisha discusses the differences between NBA and NFL cheerleading and her trip to London to perform in the NFL UK game. During this week’s Cheer Chat, Brittany and Mhkeeba take note of the difference between the way the pro cheerleaders are promoted for the NFL Pro Bowl and NBA All Star Game. Patrisha takes part in Locker Talk and reveals her most embarrassing moment dancing in an NBA game.

BONUS Episode: West End Girls - Interview with Lexy Wedgwood of London's Allure Dancers

Brittany and Mhkeeba scored a bonus interview with Lexy Wedgwood, the Director of the Allure Dancers in London! Allure Dancers are an elite female entertainment group for luxury events such as fashion shows in Ibiza, Monaco and Singapore Grand Prix, and most recently pro cheerleading for in London. Hear her amazing story of forming this talented group of seasoned dancers and how professional cheerleading is expanding in London.

London Bridge: Pro Cheerleading in London

Join Brittany and Mhkeeba as they explore pro cheerleading across the pond in London. They interview Zoe Rutherford, the Managing Director of The London Cheerleaders, who formed a pro cheerleading squad that performs at various sporting events throughout the United Kingdom. During Cheer Chat, the ladies discuss the Los Angeles Rams and Patriot Cheerleaders performing at Super Bowl LIII and show love to all of their listeners in over 29 countries. Locker Talk includes Brittany’s culinary adventures eating cricket tacos and phoenix claws while traveling internationally in Mexico and Hong Kong.

Super Bowl Shuffle: Cheering at the Super Bowl

Brittany and Mhkeeba reminisce on their time cheering at Super Bowls XLVIII and XLIX. They discuss the excitement from playoffs leading up to the big game, appearances during Super Bowl week, and what it feels like to dance on the biggest world stage. Cheer Chat recaps the ladies’ weekend covering the 26 Pro Bowl Cheerleaders in Orlando, Florida and highlights the two Pro Bowl Cheerleaders selected for Wonder Woman Wednesday. Locker Talk includes a story that’s never been told of how the ladies got into an upscale Playboy Party at the Super Bowl in Arizona wearing Seahawks fan gear and ended up backstage with Snoop Dogg!

Simply the Best: 2019 NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleaders

Brittany and Mhkeeba are headed to the 2019 NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida to cover the cheerleaders from each NFL team. They discuss how teams select their Pro Bowl Cheerleaders as the best representative of each squad’s style and to reward their strong work ethic. Listen in as they share all of the interesting facts from the cheerleader bios to show why each young lady is simply the best! During Cheer Chat, Mhkeeba and Brittany reflect on how fun and interesting it was to record the “We Dem Boyz” episode about pro cheerleading from the male perspective and all of the activities they are looking forward to experiencing at the Pro Bowl. This week’s Locker Talk includes a trip down memory lane to the worst bio pictures the girls took during their years cheering for the Seattle Seahawks. Follow the Pro Cheerleading Podcast adventures at Pro Bowl on Instagram @procheerleadingpodcast, Twitter @procheerpodcast and on the YouTube channel

We Dem Boyz: Male Commentary on Pro Cheerleading

Season 2 launches with a fresh take on the issues facing pro cheerleaders by getting the male perspective! Join your hosts, Brittany and Mhkeeba, Anthony Corley (Brittany’s husband) and close friends Anthony Fisher (from Atlanta), Andrew Myrick and Nate Johnson for an in-depth discussion on everything from why male pro athletes haven’t spoken up to support pro cheerleaders, to what the standards for body types should be for both male and female cheerleaders. Cheer Chat introduces Wonder Woman Wednesday, a weekly shout out of a pro cheerleader who is an unsung hero on the squad, and why listeners need to help Brittany and Mhkeeba find these hidden gems by nominating their own #WWW. This episode’s Locker Talk is about all the thoughts that run through the guys’ heads when they watch pro cheerleaders perform - that is if they are even watching!

NYE BONUS EPISODE: The Final Countdown - Top 5 Moments of 2018 for Pro Cheerleaders

Happy New Year!!! 2018 was a monumental year in professional cheerleading. From an NFL cheerleader kneeling during the national anthem to the NBA expose article of working conditions for its dancers, count down the top five moments with Mhkeeba and Brittany of the game changing events that occurred in 2018. Cheer Chat is a recap of the ladies’ attending the final Seahawks game of the regular season. Locker Talk is an embarrassing tale of their adventures from the last Thursday Night Football game when Brittany and Mhkeeba had a little too much rose in a can. #NoWayRose

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